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welcome to mr & Mrs toy®

Established in 2015, Mr & Mrs Toy® was set up by husband and wife Gordon and Carolyne Goodall with life-long friend Sanjay Lad and his wife Varsha. They founded the company with the aim of designing 'the world's most powerful body wand' and, after extensive customer research, their aim became a reality with the creation of the O-WAND®.

about mr & Mrs toy

Running a separate sex toy company called Save My Blushes, Gordon and Sanjay always listened to what their customers wanted. The feedback they received showed that safety, power and waterproof toys were top of the agenda. So, using this valuable information, the friends set about designing the stylish, unique patented design O-WAND® as their first offering.

In creating the personal massager, health and safety was the primary concern which is why the O-WAND® has been made using medical grade silicone - one of the safest materials around. What's more, the O-WAND® contains technology that can detect excess heat within the device and will automatically shut down if it overheats.

Mr &Mrs Toy's® extensive research revealed that power and waterproofing were high on their customer's wish lists. As such, the O-WAND® is powered by a twin lithium-ion battery pack that helps create an earth-shattering amount of power. At its highest intensity, the O-WAND's power lasts for over 40 minutes, and well over three hours at lower settings. The waterproof, cordless design also means it can be enjoyed in up to 1.2 meters of water.

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We pride ourselves on our high-quality products. However, in the unlikely event that there is a problem, all products come with a one-year warranty.

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